ICTs and Inequality: Making a Difference

indian-institute-of-technology-delhi-150x150This course was originally taught in the Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi in September 2017, mainly for MBA students but a diversity of other postgraduate and undergraduate students also participated.  It was based on the core text by Tim Unwin (2017) Reclaiming Information and Communication Technologies for Development, Oxford University Press.

Its learning objectives were that by the end of the course students should have a better understanding of:

  • The role of ICTs in international development
  • The international context within which ICT policy is made, especially relating to Internet governance
  • The importance of regulation as facilitation
  • The practicalities of delivering ICT initiatives through partnerships
  • Balancing the benefits and harm of ICTs
  • Whether ICTs can help empower poor and marginalised communities
  • The use of digital technologies in the learning process.
  • Critical thinking

It included the following seven elements (taught across five three-hour sessions):

The above links provide access to the outline and reading list for each of these sessions.

These resources are made freely and openly available.  We request, though, that any use made of them is cited as: UNESCO Chair in ICT4D/Author: Tim Unwin/2017.