DESC Working Groups

The Digital-Environment System Coalition’s activities are undertaken primarily through Working Groups. Our governance framework outlines three main types of Working Group: Administrative (AWG), Thematic (TWG) and Youth (YouthDESC).

Thematic Working Groups (TWGs)

Thematic Working Groups are the means through which DESC’s research, practice and policy activities are undertaken (see Section 8.3 of the DESC Governance Framework for more details). They are convened by any groups of members and partners on relevant themes within the overall remit of DESC,and report annually to the full membership of DESC.

Current TWGs are as follows (for affilations of members see our Members and Partners page):

Indigenous DESC

Co-Chairs: Poline Bala and Roger Harris


  • Christina M. Sayson
  • Dayn Amade
  • Irene Antonopoulos
  • James Crabbe
  • Paul Spiesberger

Administrative Working Groups (AWGs)

Two AWGs are curently in existence:

Working Group on Internal Communications


  • Leandro Navarro
  • Michael Oghia
  • Natalia Robinson
  • Roger Harris
  • Tim Unwin (Secretary)

Working Group on Governance and Ethics


  • Isabella Wagner
  • Michael Oghia
  • Tim Unwin (Secretary)

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Last updated 9th December 2021