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YouthDESC is about engaging, involving, and listening to the voices and experiences of young people regarding digital technology and its inter-relationships with the physical environment.  YouthDESC can help achieve positive outcomes of change and enhance the overall research and policy activities of the DESC coalition by spreading and promoting DESC’s messaging and initiatives on platforms that build broad awareness and education around both the positive and negative impacts of technology on the environment, and bringing together likeminded groups and individuals into a Youth coalition.

Max Hamilton (YouthDESC Co-ordinator)

The invitation

This is an invitation to any young (ideally aged 17-25) individuals, students and researchers to collaborate in our coalition to help improve the general understanding and spread of messaging around the positive and negative impacts of digital technologies on the physical environment.  YouthDESC is also in the process of recruiting a voluntary steering group (see below) that will work closely together in deciding direction and the best possible ways to achieve our YouthDESC goals. Please contact us at youthdesc(at)desc(dot)global.

The team

YouthDESC is led by a small, but diverse, steering group who co-ordinate its activities:

  • Max Hamilton (UK) – YouthDESC Co-ordinator
  • Khadija Amir (Pakistan)
  • Sagarika Chaudhary (India)

We are currently in discussion with colleagues in Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia to join our steering group.


YouthDESC has a social-media presence on Instagram (@YouthDESC) that both helps to spread messaging around digital technology and the environment as well as facilitating opportunities for youth engagement.

We will also be actively engaged in the wider work of DESC, and will be convening online meetings in the months ahead to discss issues of particular interest.

We are also developing formal partnerships with other bodies that share our aims and objectives.

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Last updated 12th June 2022