The UNESCO Chair in ICT4D is passionate about partnerships, not only through its research about them, but also through their practical importance in delivering effective empowerment for poor people through ICTs. Over the years, the group has worked with many partners both for research purposes and also in practice, and details of these are listed towards the end of this page.

Advisory Boards and Steering Group Membership

Currently, the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D is represented on the following advisory boards, steering groups and working groups:

Current partnerships

We are currently an official partner of the following:

Partnership publications

Some of our research publications on partnerships include:

Past Partnershipsteam-small

The UNESCO Chair in ICT4D and the ICT4D Collective have had many previous research and practice-based partnerships for all of which we are most grateful.  These include the following, :

Governments and International Agencies

Universities and Research Institutions

Private Sector and Consultancy Organisations

  • Atticmedia
    • Mark Weber contributed teaching on content in ICT4D undergraduate course
  • Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics and Telecommunications (@IT) (Belgium)
  • Cisco Systems
    • Dr. Michelle Selinger (Education Strategy Manager, Corporate Responsibility EMEA) was an Honorary Research Associate
    • Cisco provided an internship during the summer of 2005 for a student completing the ICT4D course at Royal Holloway, University of London.
    • Cisco and the ICT4D collective gained a prestigious CASE studentship from ESRC in 2005 for a postgraduate research studentship on evaluating the use of ICT for education in Africa
    • Joint Cisco-ICT4D annual lecture series
  • Education Impact
    • Contributed in delivery of ICTD2010 hosted by the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D
  • Blankpage (formerly Eduvision)
  • LearnAbout by EuroTalk
    • Worked together on monitoring and evaluating the use of handheld devices for learning in Malawi
  • Microsoft Research
    • Awarded Marije Geldof a postgraduate research studentship for her work on ICT and low-levels of literacy in Africa
    • Sponsor of ICTD2010 hosted by the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D
  • Intel
    • Sponsor of ICTD2010 hosted by the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D

Civil Society Organisations

  • e-Learning Africa
    • Previous membership of Organising Committee for the eLearning Africa conferences held in Addis Ababa from 24th to 26th May 2006, Nairobi from 28th-30th May 2007, and Accra from 28th-30th May 2008
    • Andrea Burris supported the programme for the second eLearning Africa conference
    • Report on e-Learning in Africa
    • Contributed advice and support for delivery of ICTD2010 hosted by the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D
  • LifeLine – seeks to inspire people across the world to realise their full potential and spark sustainable and supportive communities
    • Tim Unwin was a panellist in Lifeline Network’s Drivers for Change event held at Portcullis House in the UK on 1st November 2007
    • The Collective hosted workshop for LifeLine Network on child headed households,11th June 2010
  • IPID (The International Network for postgraduate students in the area of ICT4D)
    • The Collective and later the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D hosted the IPID annual conferences in 2006 and 2009, and worked closely in support of IPID’s other postgraduate activities
    • Tim Unwin has regularly given keynotes at IPID’s annual conferences
    • IPID hosted the postgraduate day at ICTD2010
  • The Smile Foundation, India
    • Support for Master’s dissertation on the use of ICTs in support of youths in India
  • NEDA Knowledge Emporium (The Philippines) – a portal to enhance productivity in industry, farming communities and SMEs
  • The UN’s Online Volunteering organisation
    • ICT4D students contributed to Online Volunteering activities
  • The Freeplay Foundation
  • Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID)
    • Tim Unwin serves as review panellist for BIID’s working paper series