ICT4D Briefings

The UNESCO Chair in ICT4D began to publish short monthly briefings by members of the Chair in October 2016.  These cover diverse aspects of the field of ICT4D and are intended to be thought provoking and of interest to academics and practitioners alike.

  1. Gwilym Eades on ICT solutions in proactive disaster management (1.1 October 2016)
  2. Endrit Kromidha on Digital innovations for financial inclusiveness (1.2 November 2016)
  3. Tim Unwin and Bushra Hassan on Gender and ICTs – still a long way to go… (1.3 December 2016)
  4. Silvia Masiero on Big data for anti-poverty policies (2.1 January 2017)
  5. José-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachon on Post-conflict and ICTs: coverage, stupidity or what else? (2.2 February 2017)
  6. David Banes on Localising and contextualising access technologies (2.3 March 2017)
  7. Lizzie Coles-Kemp on Innovating cyber-security engagement (2.4 April 2017)
  8. Amalia Sabiescu on Revisting our (disciplinary) geographies of development (2.5 May 2017)
  9. Tim Unwin on Reclaiming ICT4D (2.6 June 2017)
  10. Savita Bailur on Identification for development: benefits and challenges (2.7 July 2017)
  11. Sara Bernardini on Artificial Intelligence for Good (2.8 August 2017)
  12. Jon Gregson on Curating Knowledge in the Future (2.9 September 2017)
  13. Endrit Kromidha and Safirotu Khoir on Digital Crowdsourcing and Inclusion in Global Food Markets (2.10 October 2017)
  14. Elizabeth Quaglia on Inaugurating Crypto for Development (2.11 November 2017)
  15. Vigneswara Ilavarasan on ICTs, Micro-enterprises and Development in Emerging Economies (2.12 December 2017)
  16. Lenandlar Singh on Education and Mobile Learning (3.1 January 2018)
  17. Silvia Masiero on Cashless India: A new digital divide? (3.2 February 2018)

This series is edited by Endrit Kromidha, and we are very happy to receive offers of contributions from affiliated members of the UNESCO Chair and others.  Please use our contact page to get in touch with Endrit, to whom all briefings should be submitted.  Editorial instructions for our briefings are available here, and templates for authors here.