Digital-Environment System Coalition meeting agendas

This page provides links to the agendas and notes from DESC meetings:

Working Groups

DESC has two types of Working Group (WG): Administrative Working Groups (AWG); and Thematic Working Groups (TWG), which include research, practice and policy themes suggested by the membership. YouthDESC serves as a third type of Working Group comprising DESC’s youth membership.

Administrative Working Groups

  • Internal communications (Leandro Navarro, Michael Oghia, Natalia Robinson, Paul Spiesberger, Roger Harris, Tim Unwin)
  • Governance (Isabella Wagner, Knud Erik Scouby, Michael Oghia, Tim Unwin)
  • External communications

Thematic Working Groups

These will be created on research, practice and policy themes determined by the membership.


YouthDESC comprises the work of DESC’s youth membership, which can also be followed on Instagram (@YouthDESC)

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Last updated 3 June 2021