UNESCO Chair in ICT4D Working Papers

Our Working Papers series was launched in 2021 to provide quick access for colleagues to our research findings at an early stage in their analysis, especially in the context of our work on digital technologeis and migration as part of MIDEQ. Many will be developed further into formalacademic papers. This page also provides links to other working papers produced by Members and Associate Members of the Chair. Please use our contact page (or contact the authors directly) to provide feedback and comment on any of these papers.

UNESCO Chair in ICT4D Working Papers

  1. Unwin, T., Ghimire, A., Yeoh, S-G., New, S.S., Kishna, S.S., Gois, W., Lorini, M.R. and Harindranath, G. (2021) Uses of digital technologies by Nepali migrants in Malaysia, Egham: UNESCO Chair in ICT4D, Royal Holloway, University of London, Working Papers No.1.

Other policy-related reports by Members of the UNESCO Chair in ICT4D