Themes and Activities

The ICT4D Non-conference will enable participants to suggest and choose topics on a wide range of issues relating to digital inclusion, and also the format of activities through which they wish to explore them.


Eight main tracks are emerging from the offers of sessions that we have so far received, exploring the intersections between digital technologies and:

  • Accessibility
  • Cybsersecurity
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Government
  • Migration
  • Sustainability
  • Youth

Specific suggestions for activities and themes received so far include:

Activites such as:

  • Consensus building
  • Learning through Lego
  • Walking (bring stout shoes)
  • Breakfast tables
  • Speakers’ corner
  • Graphic facilitation
  • Singing together
  • Bomb diffusing
  • Round Tables
  • Topical sketches
  • Technical demonstrations
  • Authentic expression
  • Debates
  • Posters
  • Music for leadership
  • Matchmaking
  • Social theatre

Themes including:

  • Cybersecurity and development
  • Who benefits from big data?
  • Technology, inequalities and migration
  • Education and technology for the most marginalised
  • Changing men’s attitudes to women and technology
  • Government and privacy
  • Universal, inclusive and assistive technologies
  • Transhumanism and Cyborgs
  • Mitigating the dark side
  • The future of Internet governance
  • Crafting the optimal regulatory environments
  • Open v Proprietary ICT4D
  • Why 5G is not going to reach everyone
  • Crafting national data strategies

Please send us a message with suggestions for the activities and themes you want to participate in: