Code of Conduct

We strongly believe that all events and conferences (as well as non-conferences) should enable people to participate inclusively, respectfully and safely, and without fear of harassment. The ICT4D Non-Conference 2020 is therefore being held according to the UN system code of conduct. Any concerns during the event should be referred immediately to

Our code of conduct is also in line with the good practices recommended by TEQtogether for convening conferences and events. These recommend that the following seven things should be done:

  • Ensure that there are clear guidelines on expected behaviour that specifically address sexual harassment during your event. We are following the UN code of conduct.
  • As far as possible ensure a gender balance among invited speakers and panellists. We have a diverse collective team delivering the Non-Conference, and are encouraging a gender balance among convenors of “intersections”
  • Seek to ensure a gender balance of moderators for panels or sessions. We are seeking to do so, and are encouraging convenors of “intersectionsto maintain a balance of those involved in leading sessions
  • Ensure there is a gender balance between hosts and hostesses if the conference decides to have people in such roles. We are not employing hosts/hostesses, and volunteers are not being selected based upon gender.
  • Ensure that organisations employ appropriately dressed staff at their stands or displays in any exhibition areas. We are seeking to ensure this.
  • Be pro-active if you see inappropriate behaviour. We commit to being pro-active and encouraging others to be likewise
  • Have a clear and easy channel through which people can reach out for help. Please contact or any member of the organising collective team should you need help or assistance.