Why attend?

The ICT4D Non-Conference is a unique event that brings together government officials, companies, academics and civil society to discuss the most important questions around ICT4D through a range of activities. There will be no boring paper presentations or ministerial statements! Rather, you will have an opportunity to spend time discussing what you want, and how you want, with people who have real knowledge about ensuring safe inclusive digital technology for all.


Share experiences with colleagues from other countries. Meet researchers who will answer your questions. Identify the best companies to work with. Get advice.

Private sector

Learn from researchers where the next innovation lies. Meet the government official you could never find. Create new partnerships with local companies. Build your markets.


A chance to influence policy makers. Ensure that your research has impact. Meet donors who will fund the project you want to do. Present a poster, or convince at Speakers’ Corner.

Civil Society

Share your knowledge of what works in the field. Meet potential donors and funders. Find new places in which to work.


Find out what really works and could be scaled up. Explore what Ministers and Regulators want to do.

Let’s build something special together.