ICT4D Non-Conference 2020 Scholarships

The ICT4D Non-Conference has sought to keep costs of participation to an absolute minimum through the generous time given for free by the collective organising team. A generous reduction is offered for people who register early, and there is also a reduced rate category for

  • nationals of countries ranked medium or low in the latest (2018) HDI report
  • those aged < 25 or ≥ 65 years of age;
  • those with a disability
  • those serving an organising role in the Non-Conference

However, we are also eager to enable participation by those who would not otherwise be able to join us. This is intended above all to encourage diversity of participation, over and beyond that provided by the reduced rate category.  When we hosted the ICT2010 conference, the generosity of our sponsors enabled 92 such people to attend through a combination of support for fees, travel and accommodation.  Depending on the generosity of our sponsors in 2020, we hope once again to be able to support participants through a scholarship scheme to participate in the ICT4D Non-Conference.

Application forms are now available and must be submitted by 23.58 (GMT) on 15th May 2020 to team@ICT4D2020.org.

Priority for scholarships will be given to:

  • people from countries ranked low in the latest (2018) HDI report
  • those with disabilities
  • those without access to additional funds
  • other minorities who do not have access to sufficient funds
  • those convening a specific activity or theme at the Non-Conference
Scholars at the ICTD 2010 conference

A small scholarships committee will review all applications, which must be submitted by 15th May 2020 to allow time for review and visa processes. Scholarships will include a mix of flights (booked by the organisers), fees and accommodation, but will not include costs associated with visas, local travel, maintenance, per diems or accommodation beyond the duration of the conference. No cash sums will be made available if for whatever reason a scholarship recipient books their own travel or incurs additional expenditure.