Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

Josue Kuika Watat


A general observation made in several rural municipalities in Central Africa is that they do not have adequate tools to strengthen collaboration with the citizen, and especially to place the citizen at the heart of municipal action. As a result, rural communities often find themselves abandoned by municipal executives. The objective of this paper is to investigate how efficient mechanisms can be put in place for adopting technological tools associated with e-government to strengthen citizen participation in rural municipalities.

Key findings and ideas:

The use of a mixed research methodology has made it possible to detect a lack of technological knowledge among several marginalized groups, which could slow down the adoption of any e-government technology. On the other hand, the substantial lack of technological infrastructure also prevents municipalities from communicating their projects and works to citizens. The tools put in place so far have therefore helped to restore the central place of the citizen as an actor in local development.

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