Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

Kifayat Ullah


This project will help the most marginalized people (auto-rickshaw drivers) to find alternative routes for their work. Additionally, it will encourage female commuters (especially students, and employees) to make use of a safer, more reliable, and dedicated means of transportation. Finally, this project aims to provide a step forward towards smart cities and smart transportation that also helps the most marginalized.

Key findings and ideas:

The basic idea of this project is to integrate off-the-shelf sensors and communication technologies into auto-rickshaws and stops. These technologies would make the auto-rickshaws smart and intelligent. Furthermore, these auto-rickshaws would also be able wirelessly to communicate with each other and also with the roadside infrastructure (stops) in order to get real-time information about the number of passengers waiting at different stops. It would also allow passengers to track the arrival time of auto-rickshaws.