Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

Dhwani Trivedi


World Health Organisation (WHO) data shows that half of the people in the world suffer due to basic health care needs as there are not enough medical facilities available. It is rare to be able to diagnose a person’s health using Artificial Intelligence methods by capturing images of the tongue and to generate prescription automatically for further investigation for places where primary medical facilities are scarce. This research is based on the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concept using machine learning; tiny portable, low-cost, easy to use hardware.

Key findings and ideas:

When we see a doctor, he/she asks us to show our tongue for primary diagnosis, because the tongue reveals many things about health. The idea here is to do the same thing using machine learning (ML), a Raspberry Pi and a camera. A big dataset containing images of various types of tongue is used to train the machine learning model. The trained model is deployed in Raspberry Pi. The camera captures the image of a person’s tongue and using ML method a prescription for the primary diagnosis is generated automatically.

Institution website:

For further information: dhwanitrivedi999(at)gmail(dot)com