Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

Victor Omolaoye


Indigenous knowledges are represented in the form of such things as folklore and proverbs. Because Proverbs are advisory, they were usually used to resolve challenges in indigenous societies. However, digitisation has made them dormant knowledge instead of active wisdom. They lack the supporting information needed to apply them  for problem solving. We have therefore aimed to design a representation of proverbs with semantic technologies to ease their application to contemporary social problems both by humans and conversational applications.

Key findings and ideas:

Using a literature review, interviews and workshops, we identified the factors needed to select and apply a proverb from a pool of proverbs to context or complaint. We represented proverbs graphically and built a chatbot based upon this representation. The chatbot discusses users’ complaints and responds with advisory content from the proverb.  Evaluators admit that most of the responses are sensibly out of the box.  Thus, we have a representation of a proverb that is meaningful to users and applicable by bots to improve interaction with humans.