Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

Azra Naseem, Kiran Qasim Ali, Audrey Juma, Basnama Ayaz, Afroz Sajwani and Saleem Sayani


Between June and September 2016, seven online training sessions were offered to nurses and midwives in Afghanistan and Tajikistan by a healthcare facility in Karachi on topics related to Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. Each session was one-hour long with additional time for pre-post and post-six weeks tests. Data also included observations, surveys and interviews. The aim is to discuss changes in participants’ knowledge and skills, and identify strengths and challenges of the eLearning programme.

Key findings and ideas:

A significant increase in knowledge (t=10.377, p<0.0001) and skills (z=-5.571, p=<0.0001) was observed within the sample. There was high motivation amongst nurses and midwives to improve knowledge and skills and the programme was relevant to their needs. The constraints included lecture-based teaching, capacity of the online facilitator, language issues, time constraints, poor bandwidth, capacity of local IT support team, unclear roles, responsibilities and ownership, and financial sustainability of the programme.