Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

Marta Pucciarelli and Lorenzo Cantoni


This research studies the development of the digital city of Douala (Cameroun) and its relationships with the physical city, by analysing the online presence of socio-economic categories, their origin, online visible/invisible urban spaces, and their evolution over the time. 

Key findings and ideas:

We need to combine synchronic/diachronic views to get a comprehensive representation of how a digital city is produced and how it is evolving. The synchronic view provides a static picture of the digital city and the emerging online representation mirrors a parallelism between digital and social inclusion/exclusion; the diachronic view depicts the movement, the changing picture of the digital city in the making and the social transition of Douala toward becoming an information/knowledge society.

To contact the authors:

  • Marta Pucciarelli: marta(dot)pucciarelli(at)supsi(dot)ch