Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

Abdulrashid Iliya

Title: Ethnographic Findings of mobile phone use in the hands of People with disabilities in Nigeria


Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are valuable in promoting sustainable development, poverty reduction, and empowerment of marginilised societies such as people with disabilities in developing economies. The aim of this research is to explore the relationship between people with disabilities and ICTs, specifically the use of mobile phones by people with disabilities in Nigeria. Sen’s Capability Approach is deployed to investigate the link between mobile phones and human development.

Key findings and ideas:

Findings from the study showed that mobile phones promote economic, social and political capabilities for people with disabilites. Even though these findings agree with those from other studies, people with disabilites interviewed for this research termed the use of mobile phone as “Albarka” (a blessing). People with disabilities argue that mobile phones have enable them freedoms to excercise their agency to live the type of life they value. However, personal, economic and social factors hinder such freedoms.