Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

Marcelo Fornazin; Sonia Fleury; Palloma Vale Menezes; Clara Polycarpo Peres; Leonardo Gargano; Gabriel Nunes Nobre; Vania Dutra; Caíque Azael da Silva; Gabriel Barbedo Fernandes.


Favelas are usually seen from a negative perspective by the general public. However, several social actors are now questioning these assumptions. In order to support collaboration among the actors, the “Marielle Franco Favelas’ Dictionary” ( was engineered as a wiki platform based on values of diversity and interdisciplinarity. The Dictionary hence aims collaboratively to retrieve favelas’ memories, disseminate other narratives about them and advocate the right to the city.

Key findings and ideas:

TThe Favelas’ Dictionary opened to collaboration in April 2019, and since then 376 articles have been written with 272 people being registered to edit pages. The platform is expanding in numbers and formats; besides the wiki articles, testimonials, music, videos and poetry were added to it. People vary in their social backgrounds – researchers, slum dwellers and activists engaged to produce content. The open technology and content place the Dictionary as a common public good where multiple knowledges can dialogue with each other.

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