Accepted posters for the ICT4D Non-Conference

William J. Batson, Pankaj Chhetri, Stephen Song


Prairie View A&M University, School of Architecture has experience and expertise in 3D Laser Scanning Technology for preservation and documentation  of historical monuments nationally and internationally. After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal many national and world heritage sites from hundreds of years ago were partially/fully damaged. In 2017 Prairie View A&M University in collboration with UNESCO-Nepal conducted 3D laser scanning of the PanchaDeval Hindu temple located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Key findings and ideas:

The PanchaDeval temple was partially damaged after the earthquake and there were no drawings of the temple. The 3D laser scanning technology was used to scan the entire 5 temple complex and through the use of the scanner and software precise drawings of the temple were created. UNESCO-Nepal will use these drawings to demolish the damaged temple and reconstruct it based on the drawings provided. This collaboration was done to preserve the heritage and allowing students to travel and learn Nepalese culture.

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