Our Partners

We cannot deliver the ICT4D Non-Conference 2020 without the contributon and support of our partners and sponsors. Whereas sponsors contribute financially, mainly to help us provide scholarships, our partners contribute in kind and through helping us deliver particular aspects of our programme. Should you wish to become one of our partners, please contact team@ict4d2020.org for more information.

We are immensely grateful to the following organisations for their contributions as Partners to the ICT4D Non-Conference 2020 (listed in order of confirmation of partnership). The UNESCO Chair in ICT4D looks forward to continuing to work with them in initiatives that will emerge from our Non-Conference in the future.

The Inter-Islamic Network on IT is supporting our themes and activities

The Youth IGF will be involved in various youth elements during the Non-Conference, and will lead the Social Theatre activities

Supporting postgraduate participation and posters, as well as convening intersections

The UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts is leading on two intersections (scratch performance, and Adinkra) and filming the Non-Conference

The United National University (UNU-EGOV) is co-ordinating and leading intersections relating to policy-driven electronic governance

We are also excited to be working with other organisations, incuding colleagues from the ITU, UNCTAD, UNESCO, and UNICEF, who are contributing to the development of ideas and activities that will form part of the ICT4D Non-Conference programme.