Demos at the ICT4D Non-Conference are intended to provide researchers and practitioners with a venue for showcasing live demonstrations of their work, which may include novel hardware or software systems, video footage, physical artefacts, or any other relevant ICT4D activity.

We are delighted to announce acceptance of the following demos to be presented at the ICT4D Non-Conference (listed in first name alphabetical order of presenters):

Mobile midwife demo from ICTD2010

The first round of demo proposals closed on 15th March 2020. Given its popularity, we have now created more space for further demos to be included, and we invite submissions of new demo proposals on a rolling basis .  Accepted demo presenters will be able to share their work through dedicated sessions on each day of the conference.

Demo proposal information

Those wishing to submit a demo proposal should send a one A4-sized abstract (preferred .pdf format) to as soon as possible, which should include:

  • Title of demo
  • Name(s) of proposer
  • Affiliation(s) of proposer
  • E-mail address for contact
  • Brief description of the demo
  • The context in which the demo was developed
  • How it contributes to the use of ICTs for development
  • What is novel about it
  • The infrastructure that would be necessary to be able to give the demonstration during the ICT4D Non-Conference
  • Willingness to provide a formal risk assessment should the demo be accepted.

Demo Review Committee

The Demo Review Committee is led by the following (and includes further specialist reviewers as required):

Further information

Should any further information be required, please contact as soon as possible.